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In recent years, emu oil has been widely used for different medicinal products and purposes. Numerous studies have backed up old claims of the different benefits of the emu oil leading to its growing popularity among consumers. Among the most popular use of emu oil has been for hair care products that help with hair loss, hair regrowth among other things.


Using Emu Oil for Hair Loss

Hair loss is problem for both genders. About 40 percent of men will start experiencing receding hair line or spots of hair loss at the age of 35 while about 65 percent of women suffer from the same condition at around 60 years old.

While there are a lot of medicines being prescribed to help stimulate hair follicles, these drugs are pricey and commonly have side effects. It also takes a few months to about a year before seeing any effects.

Meanwhile, emu oil that comes from the emu bird found in Australia can help with hair loss in as fast as 30 days. Using the sterilized oil from the emu bird have amazed men and women suffering from hair loss. The emu bird is a flightless bird found in Australia and the sterilized oil derived from the fat of this large bird has been used by the Australian aborigines since time in memorial to heal wounds, relieve pain, treat skin problems among other conditions.

Properties of Emu Oil

Aside from treating hair loss, the emu oil is used for different hair care products like shampoos and conditioners to rejuvenate one’s hair. Emu oil can do all what it does because of its innate properties:

Moisturizing. One of the biggest benefits of using Australian emu oil hair products is its moisturizing properties, which leads to healthy hair.

Vitamins and Hair Growth. Those suffering from hair loss or hair thinning can benefit from using emu oil. The vitamins and nutrients found in the emu oil helps in the quick regrowth and rejuvenation of the hair helping it look fuller. This property also helps prevent the development of dandruff by making sure that the scalp receives the moisture and nutrients it needs.

Buying Emu Oil Hair Care Products

Because of the popularity of emu oil used for hair care products, there are vendors who have introduced unrefined emu oil to the market. This rendered emu oil has not gone through the proper process of filtration and still contains contaminants

Experts caution consumers from buying emu oil products from unreliable sources. Australian emu oil products are purified and refined using natural means to prevent any unwanted side effects when used by consumers.

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