Benefits of using Emu Oil Capsules

The Benefits of Emu Oil Capsules and Their Side Effects

The Emu is an animal that is found in Australia that has been utilized by the Aborigines for hundreds of years to help them treat all kinds of different skin problems. Nobody really knows when they discovered its magical healing properties and started using it.

The medical and scientific community only realized how important it was to their society recently when they observed them using it to treat the following symptoms; arthritic joints, bruises, sunburns, itching, insect bites, cuts, coughs, pain, and swelling caused by sores or fevers.

It is possible for the thickness and colour of the product to vary considerably based on a few factors. The best Emu oil comes from birds that are allowed to roam free and choose their own diets. When that is allowed to occur, the colour of their oil will be primarily yellow. The vast majority of these oils contain between 65% to 75% unsaturated fatty acids.

Their oil has three main components, which are in the order of percentages are omega-9 fatty acids, omega-6 fatty acid, and omega-3 fatty acid. There have been quite a few double blind medical studies conducted on Emu oil and the findings are really quite astounding.

The scientists that worked on these projects have been able to confirm that Emu oil does promote the healing of soars and wounds that are found on the skin. In addition, it is believed to possess very strong anti-inflammatory properties when it is applied directly on the problem area.

Many societies all over the world today place a great importance on looking young and fit for as long as possible. Emu oil is known to reduce the lines and wrinkles on a person face if it is used regularly for extended periods. Many researchers believe that it penetrates the skin much faster than some of the more well known products in this field and that it is an exceptional skin moisture.

There is nothing worse than being a teenager and having to deal with acne. Most acne problems are caused by substances like dirt and other impurities that can build up overtime if they are not cleaned appropriately, which results in the skin not been able to breathe properly.

Emu oil has proven to be very successful at treating acne because it is able to quickly and effectively clean out the problem areas on the skin. Besides that, the oil itself acts as an healing agent which stops the acne from growing and completely removes it when it is applied consistently.

In almost every country on the planet millions of people suffer from a skin condition called Eczema. Its primary symptoms are the uncontrollable urge to scratch and very large red rashes that are extremely flaky and dry. Emu oil has been proven to reduce these symptoms significantly and allow the people that have this disease to return to a normal pain free life. There really is nothing bad about Emu oil at all, and because it is an all-natural product, it does not produce any harmful or bad side effects.

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