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How to Extract Emu Oil

Of you are the curious type, you have probably wondered how emu oil is made. The process, although relatively straight forward, is one that requires great care. That is because

Emu Oil Extraction

Emu oil is considered somewhat of a miracle product by many, being useful for treating a huge number of ailments, skin problems, muscle and joint pains and even to stop

Emu Oil Fungul Treatment

Emu oil has long been known by the Aboriginals of Australia to be effective at treating a huge number of skin conditions, including wounds, cuts, scrapes, burns and even muscle

Emu Oil South Africa

The emu, a bird that was originally found only in Australia belongs, to a group of birds called ratites. The emu is a close cousin of the ostrich which originated

How do they get Emu Oil?

The Origins of Emu Oil Emu oil has become a product that has become increasingly common in recent years, and for good reason as it has become a relatively useful

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