Emu Oil Anti-Comedogenic Effects

The Anti-Comedogenic effects of Emu Oil

Advocates of natural treatments and physical fitness who are concerned with how our society grew dependent on conventional drugs have started promoting about Emu Oil.

Emu oil has been in used by the aborigines in Australia for more than forty thousand years. It is produced by rendering the fat of a native bird called Emu, from which the oil’s name was derived. The aborigines used the oil to treat minor aches, heal wounds, and protect their skin from the harsh environment.

Today, a lot of studies have proven that Emu Oil works wonders for the human skin among its other benefits. Researches have proven that the emu oil is rich fatty acids such as linoleic oil that may help lessen joint pains and oleic acid that has anti-inflammatory effects. It has also been proven to be hypo-allergenic.

Emu oil is recommended for acne treatment, psoriasis, eczema, arthritis, burns, hair care, and massage. It has also been praised for its anti-aging effects.

Below are reasons why Emu Oil is considered as a magical treatment for a problematic skin:

Anti-comedogenic Effects

Emu Oil has been popular for treating comedogencity or clogging of pores. The application of emu oil does not have that greasy feeling similar when using other kinds of oil. It is well absorbed by the skin and does not clogged the pores.

It is very pore-friendly and non-comedogenic. The emu oil can help people with very dry skin or those with acne issues because of its moisturizing properties and helps balance the skin without causing more problems.

Some people might report that their skin looks worse after using emu oil but the oil just draws out the impurities initially. This will eventually subside and lead to decreased redness, swelling, and eventually soft and clear skin.

Skin Repair and Skin Growth

While it goes deep into your skin, it helps lessen any redness and inflammation due to acne or other skin conditions. It naturally repairs scars so aside from clearing your skin of acne, it will also help repair damaged skin.

Once emu oil penetrates your skin, it attracts more oxygen to the area. More oxygen at the cellular level translates to a healthier skin. It also promotes and accelerates growth of new skin cells by giving the cells the necessary nutrients.


People with sensitive skin do not have to worry when applying emu oil since it is hypo-allergenic. The fatty acids in emu oil match and do not react to the human skin so it does not cause any allergic reaction.

Highly Moisturizing

Experts consider the emu oil as the best moisturizer for the human skin. Your skin will naturally absorb the oil and benefit from the essential nutrients it can bring. Aside from treating acne or other skin problems, it is also perfect after shower or after shaving.

You can get hold of a lot of acne and skin treatments in the market today but nothing can replace natural treatments such as Emu Oil. Regular use may solve acne problems and prevent future break outs.

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