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With all of the different products on the market to treat baldness and help you regrow your hair, you’re probably wondering which ones work and which don’t. It’s a known fact that regrowing hair can be quite difficult, especially the frontal part of the head. However, there is one product that has actually been shown to work in a number of independent studies and that is emu oil.

Using emu oil for baldness has been proven to be one of the most effective, natural hair loss solutions on the market. If you’re not aware, the emu is a huge flightless bird that is native to Australia and now raised both for its meat and the various properties its oil can offer. The emu oil is made from the fat that is taken off the animals when their meat is being processed for consumption, after which the fat is rendered down and sterilized to remove all traces of its smell and made entirely safe for a number of uses.

When using emu oil for baldness, you’ll need to rub the oil into your scalp once or twice a day to achieve the best possible results. The emu oil has been shown to be incredibly effective at both stopping future hair loss and stimulating the follicles to begin regrowing hair, and it works well for both men and women.

Still, the best part about using emu oil for baldness is that it can usually begin working in as little as 30 days, whereas the other products like minoxidil may take up to six months or even a year before you’ll begin noticing any results. The other issue with products like minoxidil is that most likely you’ll immediately begin losing your hair again if you ever stop using it. However, this has not shown t be a problem with emu oil, as it is completely natural and doesn’t use harsh chemicals to stimulate hair growth.

Considering all of the research that has been done on emu oil for baldness, it is actually quite surprising that more people don’t know about it, as it is likely the best baldness treatment around and offers many more benefits than any of the other pills, oils, creams and other products on the market. So, if you’re searching for a natural hair growth treatment that actually works, you definitely need to try emu oil for baldness.

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