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Emu oil is a product that is becoming hugely popular all around the world for its numerous health benefits, and is often seen as kind of a miracle cure for a wide variety of different ailments, skin conditions, to treat baldness and regrow hair, and even to help eliminate muscle and joint aches and pains. You’ll find emu oil in many skin care products, such as lotions, creams and oils.

The oil is extracted from the fat of the emu, which is a large flightless bird that is native to Australia. The aboriginals of that country have known about and used the oil for its many benefits for centuries, although it’s only recently that its use has started to expand around the world. While the majority of emu oil products and uses involve simply applying the actual oil to the skin, one type of product that has begun to become much more popular recently are emu oil gel caps and capsules.

Emu oil gel caps of course contain the oil in an easy to swallow capsule form that is obviously meant to be ingested orally. However, the reason for using emu oil gel caps differs from the actual oil itself, and is used more of a nutritional health supplement. This is because in addition to all of its other benefits and properties, emu oil has been shown to be incredibly high in beneficial fatty acids like Omega 3, 6 and 9.

In fact, emu oil gel caps are great because the pure oil has the highest concentration of these fatty acids that can be found in nature. This makes emu oil gel caps even better than salmon or taking fish oils, which have typically been the products people used to get these Omega acids in the past. These fatty acids are necessary for our health and have been shown to be useful at lowering cholesterol, but the problem is that it is nearly impossible to get enough of them even through the best, most balanced healthy diet.

This makes emu oil gel caps the perfect, all natural solution for anyone looking to lead a healthy life and ensure that their body receives enough of these essential Omega fatty acids. Best of all, emu oil gel caps are surprisingly affordable, and of course, all natural as they are completely derived from the fat of the bird and nothing else.

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