Emu Oil Eye Cream Review

Are you unhappy with you current eye cream? Don’t worry, by the time you finish reading this emu oil eye cream review, you will have a perfect replacement. I was desperate for an eye cream that works; the one I was using wasn’t getting the job done. I have dark patches under my eyes and I have to wear eye cream every day. As I was browsing for something new when I came across an emu oil eye cream review that was simply raving. To confirm that it was as good as the review said, I looked at other reviews and everyone seemed to think it was a fantastic product. It was a few dollars for quite a good amount so I ordered it. I have no regrets.

The cream is just the right consistency, covers my dark under eyes quite nicely but here is what I love about it; it is a great moisturizer. I had no idea what an emu is so I looked it up. It’s a bird, native to Australia, whose meat and fat are great for the body. The meat is very healthy and contains the right kinds of fats for the body. The oil is harvested when the emus are slaughtered and then converted into oils that people can apply on their bodies.

Apparently, these oils are good not just for the eyes but also for the whole body. They have properties that moisturize the skin and that even help to relieve pain. Again, I looked at reviews from people who had used emu oil in the past. Everyone seemed to think it made a big difference whether they were using it for a smoother skin or whether they were looking for pain relief. Even better, it seems that people who have eczema and rosacea say that their skins cleared within a few days of trying emu oil.

As I was researching, I came about an article that talked about the way Australian Aborigines were the first to use this amazing natural product. They would kill the emus for their meat and then harvest the fat to use on their skins and even hair. Apparently, emu oil will help you to have thicker, fuller hair. For those who are looking to soften their hair, pure emu oil will do the trick if used just one.

If you have been struggling with your skin or every day pains, you should try using emu oil. I certainly will continue to use emu oil products for the foreseeable future.

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