Manufacturers of Emu Oil

The use of emu oil is on the rise across the world, as it has been shown to have a huge number of amazing properties. It is often sold in skin care products to treat sunburns, dry or cracked skin, and even help prevent and eliminate the signs of aging such as wrinkles around the eyes or virtually anywhere else. In addition, there is now a lot of evidence that shows emu oil may be one of the most effective hair loss treatments available, even outperforming the other medical solutions like Rogaine and Propecia. Other uses also include being able to relieve muscle and joint aches and pains, even those associated with rheumatism and arthritis.

As emu oil offers so many amazing benefits, this has led people all over the globe to start raising these large flightless birds in order to harvest and sell both the oil and their meat, which is seen as a much healthier alternative to eating beef. Although the birds are native to Australia, you can know find emu oil manufacturers all across the world, although Australia, South Africa and the United States are probably the most common places where emus are raised and the oil is manufactured.

In order to extract the oil from the birds, the fat must be rendered down and then sterilized and purified, which is quite a delicate process and can result in inferior or even potentially unclean oil if it’s not done properly. For this reason, it is important that you pay close attention to the emu oil manufacturers that produced the oil you’re considering buying.

In most countries, emu oil manufacturers are governed by very strict regulations to ensure the purity of the oil, so you should always make sure that wherever your oil comes from, they follow these regulations and are certified as emu oil manufacturers. Otherwise you risk buying products that may contain impurities or just generally not be as high quality as they should be.

All emu oil manufacturers should be able to show their qualifications and any emu products you buy should come with information that certifies that the oil was extracted legally and followed the specific regulations and procedures set out by the government. This is important as there are now a number of unlicensed emu oil manufacturers springing up around the globe that are looking to capitalize on the demand for these products, without taking the time to ensure everything is done the right way.

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