Emu Oil remedy for Lichen Sclerosus

Emu Oil: A possible remedy for Lichen Sclerosus

As its name suggests, emu oil is a form of oil derived from the fat stores of emu, a large ostrich-like bird native to Australia. The use of emu oil can be traced back thousands of years and were used by Australian aboriginal tribes as a remedy for treating bruises, pain, arthritis, coughs and fevers.

Emu oil can vary in quality depending on the bird’s diet. The most potent forms are derived from emus that are fed its natural diet. The oil contains mostly fatty acids along with smaller traces of omega-9 fatty acids and linoleic acid.

Emu oil has also been lauded for its ability to treat lichen sclerosus. This is a condition that causes an area of the skin to appear whitish and thinner than what is normal. While it can appear on any part of the body, it generally occurs on the skin near the genital area. While men, women and children can be diagnosed with lichen sclerosus, it is most common among women who just gone through menopause.

Symptoms generally begin as a patch of smooth white skin. Over time, the area may spread and become crinkled. The infected area can also tear and become purple or bright red. The area may also itch, bleed or begin to blister.

While the cause of lichen sclerosus is unknown, factors like genetics, hormonal problems and an overactive immune system are believed to play a role. While the symptoms generally dissipate on its own within a few weeks, there are ways you can facilitate the healing process. However, if it appears near or on the genitals, it can interfere with sexual intercourse and should be looked at by a doctor.

When it comes to ointments, emu oil has been proven to be very effective. Those who used it reported relief from itching and also provided a soothing sensation. Some also combine it with other ointments or creams because the oil helps the substance penetrate more deeply into the skin. Most creams, in fact, contain emu oil as one of their primary ingredients because of this very penetration property.

While emu oil does not heal lichen sclerosus, it does provide temporary relief by moisturizing the area and preventing the infection from spreading. This makes it an excellent supplemental product especially for anyone using a steroid cream, which can thin and weaken the skin with prolonged use.

There are many brands of emu oil on the market. Be sure to stick with brands that are labeled as 100 percent pure refined emu oil and avoid the ones that comes with fillers or additives, which do nothing but dilute the oil. There are also sites that will try to sell bottles marketed as emu oil but are nothing more than poor imitations. Only buy from sites or stores that you can verify as legit.

Emu oil alleviates the symptoms associated with lichen sclerosus and is not intended to be a cure. In most cases, the condition will heal on its own with time. In the event that symptoms persist, a doctor will be able to examine the affected area and recommend an appropriate treatment. Learn more today by going to: http://curezone.com/forums/am.asp?i=1164939

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