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The emu, a bird that was originally found only in Australia belongs, to a group of birds called ratites. The emu is a close cousin of the ostrich which originated in southern Africa and the cassowary found in Australia and the kiwi which is native to New Zealand. These birds are all flightless but the emu has distinguished itself; its oil can be extracted to for cosmetic as well as health benefits. There are companies in South Africa that are producing emu oil.

Farming emu in South Africa is rather recent. Before that, all the companies that sold it had to import it from Australia. Many have successfully managed to farm large flocks of emu and the quality of the oil that they produce is as good as oil produced in some of the best farms is Australia. Farming emu is delicate work. You can start out with just sexed eggs but this approach has a fifty/fifty chance of success. The other way to go is to buy young chicks and then wait for them to mature and mate and then reproduce. This is very doable but can be costly. The last and best but most expensive option is to buy mature emu and then let them reproduce and grow.

The everyday care is also quite demanding. They need to be fed a very specific diet if they are going to produce the necessary quality of oil. They also have to be fed in very clean troughs which have to be washed out every 2 or 3 days. When they are mature enough, they are slaughtered and the great thing about breeding emu is that nothing goes to waste. The meat is highly nutritious and packed with proteins. The feathers are sold too – they are different from the feathers of other birds because the tip of their quill splits into two. Finally is the fat, which is found as a thick layer on the back of the bird. It is stripped, cleaned and heated to extract the oil. The oil has to be cleaned and deodorized after production before it can be bottled for sale. There are companies in South Africa that are undertaking this process quit easily.

If you suffer from dry skin, dull skin, eczema, psoriasis, burns, scars and other similar conditions you don’t have to any more. There are companies in South Africa that manufacture pure emu oil.

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