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It is well known that certain natural remedies have beneficial and medicinal properties. Mankind has existed and thrived for many years with only the various medicines and cures offered from these natural substances. It is only relatively recently that chemicals have become involved with pharmaceutical products. These all are strictly controlled by bodies like the Food & Drug Administration in the USA and equivalent in most countries.

But most people do not like taking drugs and if possible avoid them. If they have an ailment they would usually far rather live with it, hoping it will cure itself or find something natural to take or apply in order to relieve the symptoms or cure the problem. A famous butt of Hollywood movies was the legendary “Snake Oil” salesman who, for a dollar, would give you a bottle of some elixir or other which cured all known ills and warded off others.

But in fact the Aboriginal peoples in Australia already had such a cure in Emu oil, Extracted from the fat of the Emu bird and in use as a medicine and cure for thousands of years. And it does indeed have many benefits.

Firstly, applied topically a few drops have a curative effect similar to a liniment of aches and strains of muscles. It also assists in the healing of cuts and abrasions while reducing pain. Moreover it had been noticed that there was a significantly lower incidence of Arthritis in the limbs of the Aboriginal peoples. Investigations have shown that this topically applied Emu Oil, massaged into the joints has anti inflammatory properties.

In addition to these properties it also is easily absorbed into the skin as a lotion being 100% natural and restores the natural elasticity of the skin and reduces aging and wrinkles, which would otherwise be very apparent due to the harsh Australian climate where the peoples are exposed to the sun most of their lives.

Emu oil contains a lot of beneficial fatty acids and the meat is especially known for its lean qualities. But the oil is also now ingested in a capsule form for control of cholesterol as it contains these polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fatty acids. Further uses are made of it in weight loss formulas as well as being formulated into a cough syrup as well as flu medicines.

It has also been included in various cosmetics and shampoos all of which find the benefits of this wonderful natural substance.

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