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The Amazing use of Emu Gold Emu Oil

Throughout the ages Humans have sought after the cure all in a lotion that can ease the aches and pains, heal cuts and wounds, and rejuvenate the skin and the like. The Legendary “Snake Oil Salesman” was renowned throughout the old West as someone who sold such a magical cure. Unfortunately many of these so called “Magic Cure alls” had little if any medicinal qualities and were largely based on the principle that it was a fundamental sin to allow a sucker to keep his money.

So a bad name resulted for anyone who claimed to have such an elixir.

But such an elixir does indeed exist. For many centuries the Aborigine peoples of Australia have used Emu fat as a source of bush medicine and have been using the oil extracted from the fats of the Emu bird and converting it into a lotion for a great number of ills. Topically applied this oil was used on burns and abrasions, as a skin cream and apparently reduced the inflammation associated with age and arthritis.

Emus are vaguely related to the African Ostrich but have evolved somewhat differently. A large bird growing to as tall as 2 meters or over 6 feet and are flightless but able to run fast and have a lethal kick from their powerful legs. They are now being farmed for a number of things. Their meat is lean with less than 1.5% fat, and tasty and ideal for a low cholesterol diet, the skin makes very good leather and nowadays there is a growing demand for the oil from the rendered down fat.

It is the oil which is arousing huge interest and farms have sprung up in The United States which now produces the oil for therapeutic purposes. The Oil is full of fatty acids, oleic, linoleic and palmatic acids all of which have a variety of health benefits.

Because the product is applied topically (Not ingested) it needs to be odorless and Emu Gold Emu Oil is just that. It is odorless and when rubbed into the skin around the ache or area causing pain and discomfort is rapidly absorbed and will immediately start its healing action.

Emu Gold Emu Oil is 100% Emu oil and not diluted with anything else. Only a few drops are usually required and then a rubbing action massages the oil. It does wonders for the skin leaving it resilient and flexible.

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