Natural and Refined Emu Oil

Unlike the “Snake Oil” cure all that was legendary as the biggest health con of the old wild west the emergence of EMU oil as a modern day wonder medicine is not at all false. The natural use of emu oil as medicine has been effectively used by the Aboriginal peoples of Australia for over 4,000 years and the multiple and various uses are still being discovered.

The Emu is of course a large bird, vaguely related to the Ostrich in that it eats all sort of things and thrives in arid climates. Because of its diet it is naturally lean but does have a layer of fat as with all birds. This fat is rendered down and then refined and filtered to yield the pure emu oil with its many uses. The oil itself in its purest form is colorless and odorless. Although the bird itself is naturally wild it turns out that they thrive in farms and there are now flocks in the Americas and in Asia where climactic conditions suit.

If one is about to use one of its products care should be taken to ensure that the product is in fact pure, natural Emu oil from a reputable source. It is only these that will yield the many health benefits that come with this natural product.

There are a number of products available as lotions for the skin. Emu Oil, being 100% natural is properly absorbed into the skin where it is gently rubbed in and restores the natural glow of youth hand health. With renewed elasticity and vigor it reduces wrinkles and aging. It can thus be found and used as a facial and well as a body lotion. As a body lotion it protects and restores the skin from the harmful rays of the sun, while having a powerful after sun effect this relieving the redness and pain from sunburn.

It is used in shampoos where it has a naturally revitalizing and conditioning effect.

Perhaps one of the more well known benefits comes in its use as an anti-inflammatory medicine. Rubbing a few drops into the joints will relieve the pain and discomfort of arthritis and stiffness in the muscles.

Also available in capsule form for ingesting it is a source of Omega 3 6 & 9 and is used as a cure and tonic for the sore throats and coughs associated with Influenza, colds and coughs.

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