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Emu oil has an enormous number of benefits for the average user, which you can browse in more detail by searching through the categories on the left. However, you may be wondering about the different types that are currently on the market and how they offer different benefits. After all, even among 100% pure emu oil types, there are some important distinctions that you should be aware of.

The key difference in the types of emu oil currently available rests largely with the amount of processing and refining that the oil undergoes. For now, we’ll focus on the two categories of emu oil that you’re most likely to see on store shelves: standard and ultra clear.

Standard emu oil, as the name suggests, is suitable for a wide variety of purposes. If you’re looking to deal with general skin issues (from wrinkles and scars to moisturizing and the feel of the skin), this is probably the type of emu oil you should be looking for. These products may be a blend of the different types of pure emu oil that are made in the production process, offering a creamy, non-greasy way to enjoy the benefits of this incredible substance.

On occasion, however, you may see products labelled something like “ultra clear” next to the standard versions. This label does not generally refer to its effects on the skin; rather, it’s a note that the oil in question should remain transparent at temperatures higher than when emu oil normally begins to change color. Clear emu oil was developed primarily for cosmetic purposes; as you may have already read on this very site, emu oil is surprisingly good at penetrating the skin and bringing other chemicals along for the ride. Clear emu oil helps to give these benefits to other skin care products and allow them to be used at full effectiveness… Or, when used on its own, it is typically better for serious skin care (treating scar tissues, for example) rather than general skin maintenance. Clear emu oil typically has a higher rate of effectiveness as an anti-inflammatory agent than standard emu oil does.

Depending on the medical needs you may have, your doctor might suggest clear emu oil as the preferred method of treating a particular issue. If they don’t specify the type of emu oil to use, then you should ask them which version they suggest, since there are important differences in the types of emu oil that are available.

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