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Emu oil has long been prized for its numerous medical and health benefits, and can be used topically as a skin care product, moisturizer, lotion and even to treat aches and pains or to prevent hair loss and regrow hair. In addition, because emu oil has an incredibly high concentration of Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids (in fact the highest and best concentrations that can be found in nature) it is also commonly taken as a health and nutritional supplement in the form of capsules.

However, when looking for emu oil products, it is absolutely vital that you only buy from a manufacturer that is licensed and certified to produce and refine the oil, as otherwise you will be getting an inferior product that is likely not pure, or not as clean and refined as it should be and probably contains many impurities that could actually damage your skin instead of helping it.

One of the best manufacturers in the world has to be Royal Perfection emu oil. Royal Perfection emu oil is locally produced in the United States in Oklahoma, and the company is fully certified by the American Emu Association, which guarantees that the oil they put in their various products is entirely pure and always of the highest quality.

Royal Perfection emu oil company takes the time necessary to extract the emu oil in the recommended way and always has their factory and manufacturing facility continually tested to ensure that they meet the strict health and safety requirements laid out by the AEA. This ensures that when you buy Royal Perfection emu oil, you know the products you’re getting actually contain pure emu oil, which just isn’t the case with many other manufacturers.

As far as the products sold by Royal Perfection emu oil, they tend to cover almost the entire line of commercially available emu products. This includes the emu oil gel caps that are commonly taken as a nutritional supplement for people looking to make sure they get the recommended amount of Omega fatty acids. In addition, they also sell pure emu oil, as well as three other branded products- Dr. Skin, Dr. Face, and Cryo Gel.

All of the Royal Perfection emu oil products can be used for a variety of purposes and offer quite good value for the price, while also guaranteeing you that you’ll only be using pure, all natural emu oil without any additives or fillers.

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