The advantages of Kalaya Emu Oil

The emu bird was an important source of survival for the Australian Aborigines for thousands of years. Aside from the meat, its oil was also used as a natural ointment for treating external scars and other physical wounds. Luckily, you can enjoy the benefits of emu oil without having to make a trip to the outback and hunting down an emu. The oil is available in many over-the-counter products. It is a product that has been touted for its many benefits and is included in various creams and lotions. It can also be found in its natural and pure form.

Kalaya emu oil provides so many benefits. The aborigines relied on the oil as an ointment for treating injuries, such as cuts, bruises, calluses and arthritis pain. The oil promotes natural pain relief and healing.

Aside from external wounds, kalaya emu oil is also recognized for its cosmetic properties. Most beauty products these days contain emu oil as one of its primary ingredients. It has been shown to improve complexion and can help with cracked skin and age spots. It is also effective for treating and moisturizing chapped lips and is also great for promoting healthy hair follicles. Studies suggest that emu oil products may also be able to combat hair loss.

Kalaya emu oil is absolutely rich in vitamins and minerals, which explains why it has so much medicinal and cosmetic uses. It is chock full of omega-6 and omega-9 acids. The omegas are a form of linoleic acid that has been lauded for its ability to combat conditions like joint pain associated with arthritis and skin abnormalities. Additional vitamins include Vitamins A and E, and sapogen, a proven skin softener. It is also rich in terpines, an element known for its natural antiseptic properties.

When buying emu oil, be sure that the product is 100 pure and not diluted with useless fillers. There are many products that market itself as genuine emu oil but in reality contains only a small percentage of the oil and is mostly additives with little to no proven benefits of any kind.

Emu oil provided the aborigines with a natural source of medicine for eons. You can enjoy the same benefits today. This is a multi-use product that not only treats injuries but also turns back the hands of time by minimizing skin blemishes and signs of father time taking a toll on your once smooth skin.

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