Using Emu Oil for Arthritis

Emu oil has only recently begun to be acknowledged in the medical community as an ointment with tremendous therapeutic and healing properties. However, emu oil has actually been in use for thousands of years and certainly far before the advent of modern medicine. It was implemented by the Australian aborigines as a substance for treating wounds and injuries, which include minor scrapes, bruises, lacerations and burns.

Among many other benefits, emu oil is also recognized as a powerful pain reliever for pain associated with arthritis and joint inflammation. This is a fact that modern science and medicine took an interest in after visiting present-day Aborigines tribes and seeing that very few suffered from painful arthritis. What followed were strenuous studies on the effects of emu oil on arthritis and its ability to alleviate pain and reduce swelling.

Various studies were conducted and have confirmed that emu oil acts as an anti-inflammatory agent. Many doctors also now prescribe emu oil to their patients as it is one of the few products that do not have any known side-effects. This is a true scientific wonder and definitely amazing news for the estimated 350 million people that suffer from arthritis worldwide.

Emu oil is simple to apply, and you don’t need a large amount. Simply place a few drops on the site of the pain and gently massage the area to allow the oil to absorb into the skin. Emu oil is odorless and does not have a cooling sensation unless other ingredients have been added. Many topical agents come with ingredients like menthol, which gives the cream its minty smell. Contrary to popular belief, menthol does very little to combat inflammation.

While it is always best to aim for 100 percent pure emu oil, there are also other products that uses emu oil either as a primary or secondary ingredient. Another great fact about emu oil is that it has a transdermal effect, which means that it can help the skin absorb the other ingredients.

The Australian Aborigines have long known about the healing properties of emu oil long before the idea was caught on by the rest of civilization. For those looking for a natural remedy, emu oil provides a solution that can, in most cases, completely relieve the pain with consistent use and application. This is a product that is now heralded in the medical community as a powerful pain reducer.

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