Using Emu Oil to help with Diabetes

How does Emu Oil impact on Diabetes?

Emu Oil, taken from the fat of the emu bird, is a medicine that has recently become more popular in the treatment of diabetes. The primary use of Emu Oil is for the treatment of the skin and conditions that may develop as a result of diabetes, especially nerve pain.

How does it work?

Emu Oil holds a chemical makeup that is surprisingly similar to human skin. We won’t be going into all of the details on this, but the practical application of Emu Oil is a substance that can be absorbed deeply, effectively, and rapidly.

Generally speaking, medicine is capable of entering the body in several different ways. Oral intake (mostly in the form of pills) is a popular choice, but not suitable for all conditions because the circulatory system brings the medicine throughout the entire body. Direct infusion through an IV holds a similar restriction, though the ability to avoid the stomach prevents the chemicals from being damaged too badly by acids. Emu Oil operates as a third type of delivery as it can be applied directly to the skin and have all of its effects focused on the area that actually needs treatment.

Prevention or Relief?

The use of Emu Oil started as a relief for nerve pain caused by diabetes, since the oil itself possesses many fatty acids that have a beneficial effect on the body. The substance is naturally suited for use as a pain reliever, an anti-inflammatory agent, and a moisturizer. This, by itself, is very convenient for doctors and patients alike. However, recent studies have suggested that Emu Oil may have an even more important use in the treatment of diabetes: the ability to help prevent problems from occurring at all. While further research is needed, Emu Oil has demonstrated a particularly high level of usefulness as a transport for antibiotics and other medicines. Its ability to be absorbed means that Emu Oil can sink directly into the injury areas as soon as problems are detected and apply the full force of the antibiotics instead of wasting most of it throughout the rest of the body.

Drawbacks and Concerns

Research is ongoing, but some evidence suggests that Emu Oil is more suited for acute (sudden) inflammation than for chronic (ongoing) problems. There’s also a concern among some doctors about what a contaminated batch of Emu Oil could do if patients were to use it; the oil is absorbed so well that any problems with the batch could potentially cause serious harm to the patient. Emu Oil is a biological product, currently produced by animals, and various factors of the animal’s life (from their health to the chemicals and radiation they’re exposed to) could have an impact on the purity of the oil. Finally, if Emu Oil becomes a widely-accepted treatment for diabetes (as some have indicated it may), then it may be hard for supplies to keep up with demand until an efficient production system can be put into place.

In Conclusion

Emu Oil appears to hold great promise for the treatment of diabetes, and many beneficial effects have already been documented. However, it is not yet suitable as a truly widespread treatment, and more testing on its effects needs to be performed.

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